Katherine L McDonough

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+61 (0)468 461 257 (AU) or +1 404 791 9147 (US)

Professional History


2016-18 Research Associate in Digital Humanities. Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment Project, Digital Humanities Research Group, Western Sydney University. Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

2015-16 Visiting Assistant Professor of Early Modern European History. Department of History, Bates College. Lewiston, Maine

2014–15 Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science & Program in Writing and Rhetoric. Instructor in Science in the Making Integrated Learning Environment, Stanford University Stanford, California

2013–14 Humanities and Arts Initiatives Coordinator. Office of the Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University


PhD and MA Stanford University, Ph.D. 2013, M.A. 2009 (Department of History) Dissertation: Building the Roads: Expertise, Labor, and Politics in Provincial France, 1675-1791, Keith M. Baker, advisor. Paula Findlen, Dan Edelstein, James P. Daughton, committee members.

BA Johns Hopkins University, B.A. 2006 in History and French Literature, minor in Music (Phi Beta Kappa). Thesis: Penser le pan-Celtisme en Bretagne: la politisation d’une nouvelle nationalité, 1792-1839, David A. Bell, advisor.



2016 Canadian Centre for Architecture, Visiting Scholar Program, Montreal, Quebec (declined)

2015-16 Smithsonian Libraries, Dibner Library Resident Scholar Program, June 2015 and October-December 2016

2015 Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France, 11-week Fellowship (declined)

2013 John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, 2-month Fellowship, March-May

2012–13 Weter Fellowship, History Department, Stanford University

2011–12 Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center

2010–11 Visiting PhD Candidate, École normale supérieure, Paris, France

2009–10 Visiting Researcher, Centre de Recherches Historiques de l’Ouest, Université de Haute Bretagne, Rennes, France

2006–11 History Department 5-year Fellowship, Stanford University

Grants and Scholarships

2017 Digital Humanities Summer Institute, Course Scholarship

2017 Early Career Researcher Research Infrastructure Funding, Western Sydney University

2016 Pelagios Commons, Travel Bursary

2016 Early Career Researcher Funding, Western Sydney University

2016 Harward Center for Community Partnerships Course Grant, Bates College

2016 Faculty Development Fund, Bates College

2016 Boyle Shea Research Grant, Department of History, Bates College

2015 Travel Grant, Program in History & Philosophy of Science, Stanford University

2012 NSF Travel Grant, History of Science Society

2012 Travel Grant, Society for the History of Technology

2011–12 Grant for Stanford History Archival Workshop, Vice Provost for Graduate Education

2010–11 National Science Foundation Dissertation Research Improvement Grant #1027316

2008 Stanford Graduate Research Opportunity Grant

2005–10 Beinecke Scholarship

2003 Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award, Johns Hopkins University

Publications and Projects


Public Works Laboratory: Building a Province in Eighteenth-Century France. In progress.

Refereed Journal Articles

2012 “La corvée en Haute et Basse Bretagne: les pratiques et les plaintes des paroisses sur les grands chemins en 1769,” Mémoires de la Société d’histoire et d’archéologie de Bretagne, vol. XC, 329-349.

Book Chapters

Forthcoming “Putting the Eighteenth Century on the Map: A Proposal for Early Modern French Geospatial Data Development,” in Digitizing Enlightenment (Oxford Studies in the Enlightenment).

Forthcoming “A Pre-History of Paying for Highways in Eighteenth-Century Brittany,” in Le financement des infrastructures de transport (Comité pour l’histoire économique et financière de la France).

Manuscripts Submitted

“A Transatlantic History of Making & Using French Archival Inventories.” Under revision for French Historical Studies.

Manuscripts in Preparation

With Matje van de Camp, “Mapping the Encyclopédie: Geographic Text Analysis for the French Enlightenment.” To be submitted to Digital Humanities Quarterly.

“Provincializing Information in Old Regime France: Roads, Maps, and Dictionaries in Brittany.” To be submitted to Critical Historical Studies.

“Ancients and Moderns: Road Construction Technology in Early Modern France.” To be submitted to Technology and Culture.

“A New History for the Old Régime Corvée.” To be submitted to the Journal of Modern History.

“From Nuisance to Resource: Counting Trees in Provincial France.” To be submitted to Environmental History.

Conference Proceedings

2012 “Road Construction Sites in 18th-century France: Labor and Administration in Action,” with Anne Conchon, Nuts and Bolts of Construction History: Culture, Technology, and Society, R. Carvais, A. Guillerme, V. Nègre, and J. Sakarovitch eds. (Paris: Picard) vol. 2, 165-172.


In progress Review of Anne Conchon, La corvée des grands chemins au 18e siècle (Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2016) for Annales de Bretagne et des Pays de l’Ouest.

In progress “Listening to History.” Review essay on history in podcasts and radio shows such as La Fabrique de l’Histoire, In Our Time, Backstory, and Memory Palace. To be submitted to the Los Angeles Review of Books.

2015 Review of John C. Rule and Ben S. Trotter, A World of Paper: Louis XIV, Colbert de Torcy, and the Rise of the Information State (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014) for Canadian Journal of History/Annales canadiennes d’histoire, Spring.

Digital Projects

In progress Geographic text analysis toolkit for historical French language sources (with Matje van de Camp and the Language Technology Group, University of Edinburgh). Summary of proposed work here.

In progress Mapping Diderot’s Encyclopédie (with Matje van de Camp & ARTFL project at the University of Chicago)

In progress Mapping the French Novel Database and Vizualizations (with Western Sydney University)

2010–11 Researcher, French Revolution Digital Archive(collaboration between Stanford University and the Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Short Essays and Radio

In progress Lesson on editing in OpenStreetMaps for Programming Historian

2016 Regular posts for the French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe project blog.

2017 Social Media Strategist, Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment Project, Western Sydney University (Twitter account @EnlightenmentDH.

2016 Radio Show Producer/Host, “Listening to History,” Bates College Radio WRBC, January-June.

2014 “Creating Online Presence for Early Career Researchers,” Dissertation Reviews, November 18.

2013 “Stanford aims to democratize humanities professoriate,” Stanford Report, September 19.

2013 HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory) blog posts, “Humanities On the Radio,” and “Digital History Project Management at Stanford.”

2012 Co-Host for discussion with Art Goldhammer on the 2012 French Presidential election, The Peninsula Report on KZSU, May 4.

Lectures and Presentations

Invited Talks

2017 “Public Works Laboratory: Experiments in Provincial Governance in Eighteenth-Century France,” History Seminar, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia, October 9.

2017 “A la recherche des chiffres clés de la construction des routes bretonnes au XVIIIe siècle,” Économies et sociétés pré-industrielles Seminar, directed by Anne Conchon, Université de Paris-1 (Sorbonne), January 18.

2016 “A Proposal for a Historical GIS of France,” History @ Newcastle Seminar, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, August 12.

2016 “A Proposal for a Historical GIS of France,” Digitizing Enlightenment, Symposium Western Sydney University, Parramatta, NSW, Australia, July 12-13.

2016 “Privileging the Provincial in 18th-century France: What happens when we pay attention to the administration of highways and the royal domain in Brittany?,” Department of History, invited by Meghan Roberts, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, April 15.

2015 “Reinterpreting the corvée des grands chemins: Road Building and the Public Domain in Brittany,” First Annual Weider History Workshop on Revolutionary Economic Practices, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, April 24-45.

2014 “Maps, Society, and Politics in the 18th century,” Kenyon College, Gambier, OH, April 4.

2013 “Building Communities: Infrastructure and Labor in French Atlantic Colonies, 16th–18th centuries,” Fellow’s Talk, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, Providence, RI, May 8.

2012 “Making the corvée des grands chemins work in 18th c. Brittany,” talk at workshop, “Imposer le travail: la corvée en Europe (XIIe–XXe siècles),” hosted by Université de Paris-I and Institut d’Histoire économique et sociale, Paris, France, June 28.

2012 “Roads ‘for the Public Good’: Politics, Expertise, and Labor in Provincial France,” Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI, March 1.

2011 “Public and private expertise in 18th c. France: Building roads in Brittany,” Medieval and Early Modern Studies Workshop, Stanford Humanities Center, October 20.

2011 “La corvée en Haute et Basse Bretagne: les pratiques et les plaintes des paroisses sur les grands chemins en 1769,” Société d’histoire et d’archéologie de Bretagne Annual Meeting, Brest, France, September 1–3.

2010 “Working on the grands chemins: the maps and men of highway construction in 18th c. Brittany,” French Culture Workshop, Stanford Humanities Center, October 21.

2009 “How Many Peasants Does it Take to Build a Road? Road Construction and Forced Labor in 18th- and 19th-century France,” French Culture Workshop, Stanford Humanities Center, January 22.

Conference Presentations (* indicates panel organizer or co-organizer)

2017 “Mapping the Encyclopédie to Make an Early Modern Gazetteer,” 2nd Digitizing Enlightenment Workshop, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands, June 19-20.

2017 “Mapping the French Novel: Lessons and Results from the Digitization of the Print Bibliography of 18th-century French Novels,” Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) Conference, Victoria, BC, June 9-12.

2016 “Creating an Early Modern Gazetteer” (Poster), 2nd International Linked Pasts Symposium, Pelagios Commons, Facultad de Filologia, UNED, Madrid, Spain, December 15-16.

2016 “Seeing and Teaching Geospatial Uncertainty with Eighteenth-Century French Gazetteers,” Social Science History Association, Chicago, IL, Nov 17-20.

2016 “Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment Project at Western Sydney University,” Creating Spatial Historical Knowledge, German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C., October 20-22.

2016 “Information Management and the Battle over Public Works Administration in Eighteenth-Century Brittany,” George Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilisation, Western Sydney University, 13-16 July.

2016 “Paying for Highways in 18th c. Brittany,” Conference: Le financement des infrastructures de transport, organized by the l’Université Paris I - IDHES, l’Université de Nantes, l’IGPDE (French Finance Ministry) et le Comité d’histoire du Ministère de l’écologie, du développement durable et de l’énergie, June 22-23.

2016 “Privileging the Provincial in 18th c. Brittany: The Royal Domain and Public Works,” Society of French Historical Studies Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, March 3-6.

2015 * “Between Antiquity and Modernity: Building Roman Roads in 18th c. France,” Canadian Society for 18th c. Studies Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, October 14-17.

2015 “Nature on Paper: Public Works Archives and the Rural Environment,” International Society for 18th c. Studies Congress, Rotterdam, Netherlands, July 27-31.

2015 * “What is Public Utility? Roads and Communities in Western France, 1757-90,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, New York City, NY, January 2-5.

2014 * “Administrative Archives: Surveys of 18th c. Road Construction Sites in Rural Brittany,” Society of French Historical Studies Annual Conference, Montréal, Québec, April 24–26.

2012 * “Finding Time to Build Roads in Early Modern France: Charles Thevenon and Early Public Works in Brittany,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 15–18.

2012 * “A History of Inventories: Processing the Old Regime in French Departmental Archives,” Western Society for French History Annual Meeting, Banff, Alberta, October 11–13.

2012 “Pathways to Highways: Local and Learned Technologies of Road Construction in Early Modern France,” Society for the History of Technology Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 4–6.

2012 “Road construction sites in 18th c. France: Labor and administration in action,” co-presented with Anne Conchon, 4th International Congress on Construction History, Paris, France, July 3–7.

2011 * “From royal domain to public domain: 18th c. highway construction and public utility in rural France,” Western Society for French History Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, November 10–12.

2011 “Roads as boundaries and bridges: 18th c. highway construction in Brittany, France,” Social History Society Annual Conference, Manchester, UK, April 12–14.

2011 “La corvée et les entrepreneurs en Bretagne au 18e siècle,” Centre de Recherches Historiques de l’Ouest (CNRS UMR 6258), Rencontres de Binic, France, March 11.

2008 “The Coastal corvée in Northern Brittany: from water- to land-based transport in the eighteenth century,” Western Society for French History Annual Meeting, Québec, Québec, November 6–8.

2008 “Traveling through the Encyclopédie: Imagining Travel in the World of the philosophe,” The Encyclopédie of Diderot and d’Alembert: A Project for Enlightenment, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, March 17–18.

Conference Participation

2016 Chair/Discussant, “Trading Networks Across Space and Time,” Social Science History Association Conference, Chicago, IL, November 17-20.

2016 Chair, Panel on Peasants and the Early Modern French State, organized by Stephen Miller, Society for French Historical Studies Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, March 3-6.

Conference and Workshop Organization

2018 Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing Annual Conference, Sydney, June 26-29 (local organizing committee).

2017 Bakerfest, conference to honor Professor Keith M. Baker, Stanford University, February 3-4 (organizer).

2016 George Rudé Seminar, Western Sydney University, Parramatta, NSW, Australia, July 13-16 (coordinator).

2013 Hoagland Workshop on Data Visualization in the Humanities, Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, Stanford University, Winter Quarter (coordinator).

2011-12 Stanford History Archival Workshop, Stanford University (founder).

2011 Scripting Revolutions conference, Stanford University, November 3–5 (coordinator).

2008-09 French Culture Workshop, Stanford Humanities Center (coordinator).

Teaching Experience

2015-16 Bates College, Lewiston, ME, Visiting Assistant Professor, Early Modern European History. Developed and taught undergraduate courses such as seminars on environment and politics in rural France, the environmental history of European empires, and the history of mapping (18th-21st c.). Innovations in Mapping: From Paper to Pixels received funding from the Bates Harward Center for Community Engagement to support field trips to local practitioners. This course counted towards the “Lab” science requirement at Bates, the first History course to do so. Course website. Story covering the course. Three of my courses were cross-listed with Environmental Studies.

2014-15 Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science and Writing & Rhetoric. Taught as part of a team in a year-long, residential History of Science program, Science in the Making¬-Integrated Leaning Environment (SIMILE). Because of my joint appointment, I helped to coordinate lectures linked to discussion sections, field trips, and writing seminars. I designed the writing seminars to connect students with how people in the past explored and communicated about science, medicine, and technology. News about SIMILE here and here.

2012–13 Hume Writing Center, Stanford University, Writing Consultant. Provided individual tutoring for undergradaute and graduate students in humanities writing.

2012 Menlo College, Atherton, CA, Lecturer. Developed new course on World History (Deep History to 1500) to first-year business students through lens of UNESCO World Heritage sites. In two sections of 27 students each, the focus was on transitioning to college-level humanities coursework. Self-designed course website.

2007-11 Department of History, Stanford University, Teaching Fellow and Assistant. Designed and taught new required methodology course for history majors (Mobility in France and the Self: People, Products, and Ideas in Motion, 1700-2000). Prepared and led discussion sections for undergraduates in Global Human Geography, Machiavellian Moments, Europe 1500-1793, and Colonial and Revolutionary America.

2006, 2008 Duke University, Talent Identification Program, Durham, NC and Paris, France, Instructor and Teaching Assistant. Instructor (2008) and teaching assistant (2006) for three-week study abroad course in Paris for 22 secondary students. Re-designed the course to feature on-site learning in 2008.

2004–05 Lycée Emile Zola, Rennes, France, English Teaching Assistant. Independent instruction of French high school students.

Theses Advised

Primary Advisor: Logan Pettinato, “Rethinking the Unthinkable: An Analysis of the Haitian Revolution in Anglophone Historical Representations, 1792-1853,” (Bates College, Winter 2016) and Sarah Brooks, “Cannibalism in the Early Modern Travel Narrative as a Reflection on European Understandings of Themselves in the 16th century” (Bates College, Winter 2016).

Invited Thesis Committee Member: Madeleine McCabe, “Private Union, Public Conflit: Life and Labor at Michelin in the Twentieth Century” (Bates College Honors thesis, 2016).

Service and Outreach

Institutional Service (Stanford University)

Institutional Service (Stanford University)

Planning Committee for new Humanities Dorm, 2014-15.

Search Committee, Career Counselors for Humanities PhDs and Diversity Networks, Fall 2013 and Summer 2014.

Dean’s Task Force for Undergraduate Education in the Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences, January–June 2014.

H-STEP Fellowship Coordinator (for humanities PhD recipients to earn an MA in secondary education), 2013–14. Featured as an innovative program in MLA Report on Doctoral Education, May 2014.

Humanities Liaison to Career Development Center, Undergraduate Admissions, and Vice Provosts for Graduate and Undergraduate Education, 2013–14.

Graduate Representative, Ph.D. admissions in Early Modern European History, 2009.

Public Outreach and Other Experience

H-France Web and Social Media Editor, July 2013–present.

Panelist, “Living in the Material World: The Future of the Humanities,” Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, CA, October 14, 2013.

Museum Docent Training Materials Developer, Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, 2013–14.

News Producer, KZSU-Stanford Radio, 2012–13.

HASTAC Scholar, 2012–13.

Contributing Translator, Richard White, Le Middle Ground (Paris: Anacharsis, 2009), 2008.

Training and Proficiencies


Training 2011, 2012, 2017 Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI), Victoria, BC, Canada, Digitization Fundamentals, Digital Humanities Databases, RDF and Linked Open Data

2015 5-day Orientation to Teaching at a Liberal Arts College, Bates College, August

2014 5-day Pedagogical Training for Teaching Writing to Undergraduates, Program in Writing & Rhetoric, Stanford University, September

2013 THATCamp AHA (The Humanities and Technology unconference), New Orleans, LA, January

2011 THATCamp Bay Area, Mountain View, CA, October

2008 Undergraduate Methodology Course Development Workshops, Stanford History Department, Winter

2007 Approaches to Teaching History Workshops, Stanford History Department, Spring


French: near native

Italian: reading proficiency and basic speaking

German: reading proficiency and basic speaking


Mapping (ArcGIS/QGIS/OSM): independent user

Network analysis and visualization (Gephi/Tableau/d3): intermediate user

Databases (MySQL): intermediate user

Programming (python/php): intermediate user

Web design/maintenance (HTML/CSS/Wordpress/Jekyll): independent user

Audio production (Audacity/Audition): independent user


Professional Affiliations

American Historical Association, 2005–

History of Science Society, 2011–

Society of Architectural Historians, 2013–

Society for French Historical Studies, 2010–

Vernacular Architecture Forum, 2011–

Western Society for French History, 2007–

References available upon request